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Welcome to all information about ordering tickets!

How to get live events tickets by purchase at the door. Or just order from Ticketmaster bu phone number (856) 338-9000. Or just go to to order on-line, just that easy.


Here are Ticketmaster prices:

WWF Raw is War:$45 - $20
WWF Smackdown:$45 - $17
WWF Live Event!:$39 - $22
WCW/ECW Live Event(Tuesdays)!:$35 - $18
WWF Sunday Night Heat(MTV):$40 - $17
WWF In Your House(PPV):$200 - $20
WWF Pay Per View:$300 - $20

Ticketmaster tickets are not available at the door!

Today Event!

July 12 - WWF Smackdown (Live!) doors open at 7:30pm
Sioux Falls, SD (Sioux Falls Arena)
Tickets are so out!

For more go to WWF 2001 Canlendar!

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