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WWF Pay Per View Calendar 2001

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WWF Pay Per View Calendar 2001
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WWF 2001 Pay Per View Events


How to order on PPV or DirecTV!

Call your local cable company. Your local cable operator will have specific information on how to order and the cost of each event. You can also check your last month's cable bill for a special ordering phone number for your system'
s Pay-Per-View events.

For satellite customers, call your satellite provider: Prime Time 24 - 1-800-989-7526. DirecTV - 1-800-347-3288. Dish On Demand - 1-800-333-DISH, 1-800-232-4886 for TVN Entertainment, 1-800-232-4886 Videopal.

Those of you with interactive, hit the button on your remote.

July 13 - WWF Jakked In Your House

July 27 - WWF Invasion In Your House

August 24 - WWF Summer Slam

September 21 - WWF Unforgiven In Your House

October 26 - WWF Mecry In Your House

November 23 - WWF Suvivor Series

December 7 - WWF Rebellion In Your House

December 21 - WWF Armageddon In Your House

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